Protecting what matters to you

When you purchase an insurance policy, you are protecting more than just your home. Certainly, your walls and floors and ceilings are covered against damage and unforeseen loss, but it doesn’t stop there. Most policies are also designed to protect your liability, your family, your pets, and perhaps most important of all – your peace mind!

Your finances

The average price of homes sold in 2017 was approximately $380,000, a figure that includes the home itself and the land on which it rests (if applicable). The value of everything you have inside the home is not included-things like clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronics, etc. When you add it all up, your home is quite possibly your most valuable asset and it should certainly be protected.

If you are uninsured, a loss to your home can have a devastating effect on your finances. The cost of repairing, replacing or restoring your home and contents would be solely your responsibility. Have you ever considered how much it would actually cost to replace everything you own? It’s probably a pretty large number and most people just don’t have that much money sitting around.

Remember, insurance covers two primary areas: your physical belongings and your liability. If there is a fire in your house that also damages your neighbor’s house, you are responsible for replacing your property as well as your neighbor’s property. If your neighbor can’t live in his house because of the damages, you are responsible for paying his accommodations, and any other additional expenses resulting from not being able to live in the house. If you are insured, your policy steps in to protect you under these circumstances.

Your family

An insurance policy extends coverage for your family, meaning that an insurance policy for your home also protects your family. If your child accidentally breaks a neighbor’s window when playing soccer with his friends, your policy would pay to repair any damages. If your daughter’s dorm room is vandalized and her personal items are stolen while she’s away at college, the policy for your home (condo, house, apartment) would provide some coverage for your daughter’s loss.

Your pets

Let’s not forget the smallest member of our families: pets. If your dog harms someone while taking a walk in the park, the coverage in your policy will pay for the medical care required by the individual who was harmed, and it will even provide coverage for legal fees in case the issue escalates and you find yourself in need of a lawyer.

The point is that an insurance policy for your home provides coverage for a lot more than what you may think. Take some time to review your current policy and make sure it has sufficient coverage to protect everything that matters to you. If aren’t currently insured, we partnered with Lemonade to provide you with an alternative to traditional insurance companies. You can get a quote in 90 seconds, and policies start as low as $25/month for owners and $5/month for renters.

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